Honoring the Camp Colton experience with our alumni!

Honoring the Camp Colton experience with our alumni!

1979 Marshall Elementary School Camp Colton alumni and lifelong friends Ward Brykit and Adam Holmes.


“Camp Colton is one of the big memories of my youth growing up in Flagstaff in the 70’s. A big part of it was that all of us in our 6th grade class went – 6th grade was the top class in elementary school then. So we all knew each other really well and it was so amazing having these experiences with close friends as well as with new kids that joined from one other school – they used to send one class from two different schools. Being in the forest and away from home was monumental at that point. It was less structured back then, and that was incredible for me. You had to deal with so much new input, socially and otherwise. Looking back, I think it was one of the most important weeks of my entire childhood.”

– Ward Byrkit


“Camp Colton was a critical part of my Flagstaff educational upbringing.  My experience there ignited a deep personal relationship with our priceless natural environment and a lifetime appreciation for the opportunity to grow up in Flagstaff. Camp Colton ignited a lifetime interest in natural science and provided an unprecedented opportunity to study nature with true experts.
Most importantly, Camp Colton established a common respect for nature in all of us who shared the experience. Camp Colton strengthened the “Flagstaff way” of thinking in me: our natural surroundings are priceless, belong to all of us, and must be shared and protected by everyone.”

– Adam Holmes