Letters from Camp Colton


Dear Camp Colton Staff:923.15 CC peaks fr pond SMS 2

I am writing you because I loved the classes you taught. You made them fun. Thank you for teaching us. The two classes I liked best were survival and geology. I had a great time going geocaching and learning how to use a compass. I liked geology because it was my first time going in to the Lava Tubes and I learned a lot. It was also very fun when we all turned off our headlamps and were completely silent. You made these classes fun because you explained things very well and it was easy to understand. Before Camp Colton, I had no idea how the Lava Tubes formed or how to use a GPS to go geocaching. Thank you for teaching awesome classes and helping out at Camp Colton. -Nicholas


Dear Camp Colton:

Thank you for everything … for the food, dancing, camping, playing and learning. –Louie


Dear Camp Colton Staff:

All the activities that you have are fun and amazing. And I like that you are all about nature. I love nature. Thanks for being the greatest camp ever! -Colin


Dear Camp Colton Staff:

Thank you for giving us the opportunity of coming to camp. I enjoyed learning outside, square dancing, all of the classes, and the crafts! Someday I really hope to come again because I loved doing all of the night activities too. The food was really good andthe staff (you guys!) was super nice. I hope youcan keep campgoing and give other kids the experiences we had! – Abby